Society History

Society Aims and Directives

To watch over and promote the interests of Referees in general and in particular to assist new and young referees entering the game.

To promote a closer relationship between referees, Football Associations and kindred bodies.

To improve the status of referees and the standard of refereeing.

To safeguard its members from injustice or unfair treatment and support members at appeal procedures.

To assist in maintaining a steady supply of suitable candidates to take the referees examination.

To assist all such associations in promoting their education and general work and therefore supporting the best interests of the game.

To provide social activities, as desirable and to retain in its membership those who have given up active refereeing that their experiences may be of help and benefit to the newcomer.

History of The Society

This journey starts back in 1932, the year when the Swansea Referees’ Association was founded, later to be known as The Swansea Referees' Society. The first meetings were held at the Methodist Church in the Hafod Swansea, with prominent officers being, Mr Charles Mobridge, Mr Bob Cole, Mr Ron West, Mr Jack Jones and Mr Reg Johns. In the early years the society was fortunate to have such members as Mr Bill Gow ( Football League), Mr Bud Fuller (southern league) Mr Jim Furlong, Mr Dennis White and Mr Cyril Morris.

At one stage the the Swansea Referees' Society had no less than six members on the football league list at the same time. John Gow and Tommy Reynolds were on the Referee’s list, John G.P.Davies was on the supplementary Referee’s list, and Trevor Jenkins, Rhydian Harris and Brian Cox were on the Linesman list.
Other society members who have officiated in the football league at various times are, Denzil Jones, Jim Helps, George Taylor, John Ashman and John Holohan.

Currently we have Mark Whitby is on the full F.I.F.A Referee’s List, with Dean John refereeing on the Welsh Premier League.

On the 21st June 1986, the society was honoured to host the 68th annual conference of the Referees’ Association. The headquarters for this event was the Dragon Hotel Swansea, with the conference being held at the citys’ Brangwyn hall. the then Lord mayor of Swansea, Mrs Lillian Hopkins, officially opened the conference and was guest of Honour at the dinner which followed.

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