COMET is here – are you ready for it? Some Useful Information

Many of you will be aware that the FAW’s comprehensive game management system, COMET, is now being rolled-out to grassroots football this season.

If you are therefore refereeing any 11-a-side games (including Junior League) you will be required to use the system to record all relevant match data

The key areas that referees will have to manage via COMET are:

  1. Notifying the system of your match availability/unavailability
  2. Accepting or rejecting your provisional match appointments
  3. Checking your upcoming match appointments
  4. Viewing & editing team line-ups on matchdays
  5. Adding, deleting or amending match events (i.e. goals, substitutions and yellow/red cards)
  6. Reporting misconduct
  7. Confirming the match result

Of course, this system will be new to the teams just as much as for officials, so a certain amount of “learning on the job” is inevitable.

If there’s one word of advice I would offer at this stage, it is to get to the ground earlier than you normally would and allow plenty of time to work with the teams to ensure the uploaded team line-ups are correct.

How to access Comet

  1. Via the Website
  2. Via the app  Please note: the original app “mComet” that was introduced in 2019 is no longer to be used.  You should search for the “Comet football” app and download that to your phone.  IOS and Android versions of the app are available. NB When logging into the app , remember to scroll through the different associations to find the FAW dragon logo.

If you are a new referee (or new to refereeing in Wales) and do not have a Comet log-in, please contact your local Referees’ Officer in the first instance to ensure you are on the FAW database.

(For those living in the West Wales FA area, the Referees’ Officer is David Rees and he can be contacted on Tel 07974 963361 or email

Useful Documents

COMET – Referees Hints & Tips – July 2021

COMET Referee presentation – Using Comet on Matchday – July 2021

COMET – using the Comet WEBSITE to record matchday activities

Useful Quick Links

You can also click on the links below that will take you to the relevant page in the “Using Comet on Matchday” presentation.


Match Management

Training and Support

One import point to remember undeMatch Management
Indicating availability or unavailability

Please note that if you are unavailable you should put a reason (Holiday / Work / Injury etc) if you also accept a match that is not on comet , you must also indicate the match and who appointed you..

Useful Contact Details

  1. COMET Matchday Helpdesk – Tel 02922 672252
  2. COMET Support  – email 

IFAB Laws of the Game – Changes for Season 2021-22 which come into effect on 1st July 2021

135 annual report 17-03-21

Please find attached IFAB Circular 22 summarising all decisions taken at the 135th Annual General Meeting of The IFAB which took place on 5 March 2021.

In addition, all amendments to the Laws of the Game for season 21/22 approved at the meeting are detailed and explained in the second part of the document and are also available at:

RAW Query Refund of Referee Registration Fees for Cancelled Season 2020-21

RAW Letter RE Referees fees 2021_22

Decisions of the Board on Return to Play – 04.02.2021

On 4th February 2021, the FAW announced that ALL Men’s football below TIER 4 and ALL Women’s football below TIER 2 would be cancelled for the remainder of 2020-21.  The attached document “Decisions of the Board on Return to Play 4-2-21” confirms the announcement and also provides an indication how player, team and referee registration fees for the cancelled season will be dealt with.

The document suggests that referees who have not been able to officiate in competitions will receive a “discount” rather than a full credit for the cost of their fee against 2021-22 registration costs.  The implication is that this is due to the cost to the FAW of meeting claims under the FAW “free” insurance policy.

The Secretary of the RAW has written to the FAW querying why the “discount” has been applied and whether any match officials have made a claim under the FAW’s policy.

No reply has yet been received.

News re. Referees’ Society Membership Fees for Season 2021-22

RAW Letter Free Membership 30_01_21

The Referees’ Association of Wales (RAW) has confirmed that all members who have paid their Society membership fee for season 2020-21 will automatically receive FREE membership for next season (2021-22)

Storm Ciara – an Update

Game on Ref?

David Morgan Receives RAW Award

Society Chairman, James Sheils, presented David Morgan with a memento from the RAW to mark Dave’s achievement in refereeing the Welsh Cup Final in May.

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