Platini ´totally against´ technology

Published on 14 May, 2014 
By: Mark Williams

UEFA president Michel Platini is "totally against technology" and wants to increase the number of referees helping to officiate matches.

Platini has overseen the introduction of extra referees' assistants behind the goal in European competition and the Frenchman feels a greater numbers of officials, rather than increased use of technology, is the way to improve decision making in the game.

"A long time ago when I became president of UEFA I imagined we would have more referees, more eyes on the field to look at the game," he said.

"Why? We all played football. We know it's not possible for one guy to see everything.

"At the end it's clear that more eyes on the game is better. Perhaps it's not perfect with human people but also with technology, for me, it's not perfect either.

"The TV doesn't give you the picture always. That is my conviction. I am totally against technology.

"I don't trust technology. I read what was said by the Italians about a test they have done for two years with additional referee. What I remember is 50 per cent less mistakes by the referees with additional referee.

"What does that say? It's a crucial and good statistic. It's why in Italy they have more problems with violence than with referees and that is very new in Italian football, because before it was only a problem with referees and they are happy with that and I think I am happy too."

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