Uefa refereeing chief will not allow the "mobbing" of officials !

Published on 1 April, 2016 
By: Mark Williams

The Italian insists that the image of the game is vital and maintains that the European governing body will not stand for players surrounding referees during games

Uefa refereeing chief Pierluigi Collina insists that the governing body will not allow the "mobbing" of officials.

The issue of players surrounding referees has long been an issue at the top leve of the game, but Collina insists Uefa will no longer tolerate such behaviour and says that managers have been reminded about the rules.

"It's not something new. At a European level Uefa doesn't allow players pressing a referee while he takes a decision," he said.

"We won't allow any mobbing of referees.

"Players and managers that compete in European cups know very well that Uefa doesn't accept such behaviours and so we just reminded managers about this aspect."

The former referee also maintains that the image of the game is crucial, while he has also warned coaches against hounding fourth officials.

"Our aim is to protect players; paying particular attention to punishing those faults that are dangerous and cause physical damage," Collina said.

"We also want to protect the image of the game and of the competition... and for sure watching a group of players on TV pressing the referee for a decision, it's not a nice image.

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